I believe in Fate!

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Photo left: Angela Coulombe Photography

Throughout this incredible journey I’m undertaking to get to the NYC Marathon there have been little signs and signals of help all along the way.  One day early in my training, when I really didn’t feel like running (and this was a short run compared to what I’m running now) I witnessed two older persons, a man and a woman who I’d say were in there late 60’s, SPRINTING towards their driveway after they had just completed a run along a path popular with runners in our city.  They had such energy and zeal and they could have kicked my butt with their sprinting, that they totally inspired me to get on with my run and not only get on with it, but pick up the pace a bit to boot. They were exactly the tonic I needed that day and somehow fate landed them in my path!

This past weekend, Sunday, September 12, I had the chance to pay this forward. I was running the Susan G. Komen for the Cure 5K race. While waiting in the queue for the shuttle bus to take me to the starting line, I met two young women and started up a conversation with them. As no shuttle bus arrived, we decided to walk together to the start of the race conversing the whole while. I let them know that my legs were extremely sore as I was training to run the NYC Marathon to raise awareness about Lyme Disease and being prodded to explain more so, I elaborated and gave them the URL to my website. Arriving at the start of the race, I said my goodbyes and met up with the team I was running with.

When it came time to go to the starting line of the race, out of the thousands of people participating, I happened to line up side-by-side with these two women. We chatted about how nervous we were feeling about the run and wished each other a great event. When we started the race my feet did their usual and though I thought I would be sore and do the run at a jog pace, I cranked out a pretty fast race, leaving behind quite a few runners, these women included.

After the run, I headed back to the car park with a colleague. When I arrived back, as I was getting ready to get into my car, I saw these two women again so I had to find out how they did and how they felt. One was slightly disappointed with her time, (which was actually very good), but both were pleased to have run for such a worthy cause. I congratulated them both because in my book anyone who just gives it their best shot is a true winner and champion and I applauded them wholeheartedly. I reminded them once again to check out Lymerunner too and said goodbye.

What I was NOT expecting was what happened next.

When I returned home, there was an email waiting for me in my in-box, which I will now share part of with you:

“First, I just have to say that you are such an inspiration!  You met my sister and I at the Susan G Komen race today.  I said nothing when you told us you had Lyme, and my sister was furious at me when we left, as I didn’t make mention that I too am recovering from Lyme.  I couldn’t wait to get home and check out your website, as I have met no one who has had this fight. I too used to be an okay runner and was quite devastated with my time for today’s 5k.  I was diagnosed with “probable Lyme” last January and had to beg my physician to try antibiotics, as there were days that I could barely get out of bed from October-January.  Low and behold, six months of Doxycycline did wonders!   I used to be an extremely active, energetic person. Long story short (as I’m sure you’ve heard many), I have slowly been recovering. I think what you are doing is great, and hope to see more positive stories on Lyme recovery to give people hope. I wish that physicians were better about expressing that the antibiotic treatment isn’t like a Z-pak for a sinus infection!  I sometimes fear that those with an unclear diagnosis will give up on the antibiotic tx to quickly, as I almost did.  It’s definitely a long road to recovery but one well worth challenging.“

I don’t really know if I should call it fate, (fate seems to have a negative connotation to it – that it doesn’t end well and this Lyme story WILL END WELL), but I am continuously being sent signs and people my way who not only are inspired by what I am doing, but in turn inspire me tremendously to keep running and raising awareness about Lyme and giving some hope to those out there with the disease. For these people and others I have yet to meet who have Lyme, my every run is for you!

Thanks for inspiring me in return.

Lymerunner video discussing weeks 9-10 of training for the NYC Marathon

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In this vlog Angela discusses how training has been going for weeks 9-10 of NYC Marathon Training, what it’s like to have rubber legs, and the good work her friend Amie at Lymebuddies is doing to help others with Lyme Disease.

Lymerunner NYC Marathon Training WK 9-10 from angela coulombe on Vimeo.