Recap of the 4th Annual Lyme Disease Awareness Walk

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On a cold, blustery day on the bay, Back Bay, Portland Maine to be precise, the 4th Annual Spotlight on Lyme Disease Awareness was held. On Saturday, Oct. 23rd, 2010 walkers and runners from all over came together to raise awareness about Lyme Disease. Seeing so many people just touched my heart and I felt I came away from the experience knowing more about others who have Lyme, what they’ve been through, what they continue to go through, and certainly, with many, many more friends. Below is a photographic recap of the event. Thank you to Saco & Biddeford Savings Bank for sponsoring the event as well as Atlantic Pest Solutions.

New this Week – Additional Lyme Resources

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Over the year people have been contacting Lymebuddies and Lymerunner with their stories of Lyme, and with information about groups they have started.

One person in particular has touched me with her unique way she handles her Lyme and expresses her everyday life with Lyme. Her name is Julie and she has been keeping an illustrative journal of her everyday experiences with Lyme. Her battle has been going on for many years and keeping this journal has a kind of art therapy for her. To the left is an example of her work (click to enlarge image), and you can check out more at

Also, two other resources that have come in this week:

If you have a link you’d like listed please contact me at Thanks.

Lymerunner/ Lymebuddies on Good Day Maine

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When I contacted Erin Ovalle at Good Day Maine, I had no idea at the time that her aunt was severely ill with Lyme Disease. My main objective was and is to raise awareness about the disease. However,  knowing that Erin’s aunt has had this terrible diesease only hammers home the fact that the disease is on the rise and that we all need to be vigilent in preventing tick bites, but also in recognizing the symptoms of Lyme should we get bitten.  Huge thanks to Erin Ovalle and to Dr. Amelia Randolph! Below is a clip of the live interview that aired today at about 8:10am. Please also visit for more information about Lyme symptoms as well as other helpful information about the disease.

Click here to view the full news article on Good Day Maine’s website.

ING Hartford 1/2 Marathon done, NYC, here we come!!!

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Martha Hall, my dear, dear friend (like who else would VOLUNTEER to run a marathon??) and I just completed the ING Hartford 1/2 marathon with team WTF? This isn’t a 5K relay runners Andy, Pat, Lee, Erin and Joanna!! (see for images). I never would have thought 3 years ago, when I could barely walk without the most excruciating pain that I’d be able to pull a 1/2 marathon off, but I have to say with good friends like Martha, Joanna and team WTF, as well as all my Lymebuddies, I got there this past Saturday!!! Below is a clip of the event, and Martha and I talking about the road ahead to NYC (and of course, because we always talk about Oprah, we had to get in a few words about our deep desire that she’ll be in NYC to cheer us on!!).

4 weeks until NYC!!!!! We still have our 20 mile run to do this weekend, but hopefully we’ll get through it and on to NYC!

ING Hartford Marathon, Oct. 9, 2010 4wks from NYC Marathon from angela coulombe on Vimeo.

October 2010 Lyme Disease Awareness Events

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4th Annual Lyme Disease Awareness Walk & Fun Run

Saturday, October 23, 2010
Time: 11am registration for 11:30am start
Where: Back Cove, Portland, ME (view map here)

Click here or on the image to the right to download a PDF of the Registration form.

Click here to download a .DOC of the Registration form.

Eat Pizza, Raise Money for Lyme Disease Awareness

Tuesday, October 26, 2010 – ALL DAY!!!
Jimmy the Greeks, 215 Saco Ave, Old Orchard Beach, Maine (View Map Here) (207) 934-7499
The Deal:
For any pizza ordered, Jimmy the Greeks will donate $4.00 dollars towards Lyme Disease Awareness. For any calzone ordered, Jimmy the Greeks will donate $3.00 toward Lyme Disease Awareness. Either click here or on the flyer to the right to download and print the flyer to TAKE WITH YOU to Jimmy the Greeks, OR use the phrase #LymeAware to donate to this effort. If you’re on Twitter or FB, please spread the word and use the code #LymeAware. Thx!

Seafood Center of Maine Halloween Party

Sunday, October 31, 2010 5pm – 6pm
Seafood Center of Maine, 1181 Portland Road – Route 1, Arundel – Maine – 207-985-7391 (View Map Here)
The Deal:
Come enjoy lovely food, great company, activities for the kids AND if you come dressed as your favourite athlete (or any athlete), The Seafood Center will donate $1.00 per person in an athletic costume!!! How fun is that!!! Download the flyer to the right for more details, or visit the Seafood Center’s Facebook page for more details.