Lymebuddies are Under Our Skin Winter 2010 Angels

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Amie Levasseur and I have just been honoured by Under Our Skin who nominated us as their Winter 2010 Angels!

Here is what they’ve written:

Angela Coulombe & Amie Levasseur, Maine (Winter 2010)
Angela (on left) and Amie became Lyme “buddies” in 2007. Angela was newly diagnosed with the disease and terrified; Amie had been battling severe symptoms since early 2006. The two were able to support one another via numerous telephone conversations while both battled muscular, neurological and the psychological impacts the of the disease. They vowed that when they got well they would provide this same kind of support to others. Lymebuddies was created in 2008 to provide a “buddy” that will understand, support, give hope, and help answer questions one may have when sick with Lyme disease. In October 2008, while Amie was 7+ months pregnant, she arranged a viewing of UNDER OUR SKIN in Poland, ME. Unfortunately, in the last month of the pregnancy Amie needed hospitalization; but the whole community turned out to show the film and support Amie. Amie’s indomitable spirit lead her to the show the film several times during her hospitalization in a room in the hospital where student nurses, nurses and doctors attended viewings. She has since organized several other community screenings, helping to broaden understanding of the disease in more communities throughout Maine. Lymebuddies constantly promotes the film as an indispensable resource which “validates our condition and the suffering we endure with Lyme.” Having both watched it–and cried over it–together and with their extended families, they feel its visual message hits home in ways the written word alone cannot. In November. Angela, aka Lymerunner, completed the NYC Marathon to raise awareness about the disease and to raise money in order for Lymebuddies to be able to purchase copies of UNDER OUR SKIN to donate to local libraries. “One of the things we are so grateful for about UNDER OUR SKIN is that it was one of the first examples we’ve had of large scale truth-telling about Lyme. Everyone feels like they have to keep quiet and keep it underground because we have to protect doctors and make sure we don’t lose our ability to be treated, and don’t come across as crazy- but finally someone had the guts to make some noise and show it in such a personal, visual, relatable way. We want to scream THANK YOU!!!” And we scream back: thank you, Angela and Amie!

Amie and I are very honoured indeed. We will continue to strive to raise awareness about this dreadful disease as it is so little understood and those with it need all the help we can give them.

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Interview with Angie & Trevor from Marathon Training Academy

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It is amazing how much information I found I needed in order to run my first marathon successfully (and by successfully I mean without injury, without mishaps, and just getting across the finish line.) I seemed to have a new question every day about how to do this. Before running the NYC Marathon Nov. 7, 2010, I considered myself a long-distance newbie. The longest race I had ever particiapted in was the 10K Beach to Beacon and I knew that longer races required a completely different game plan.

Early on in my training I was able to find Marathon Training Academy, an online wealth of information about all things marathon related. I cannot thank Angie and Trevor enough for all their support, information and guidance during my many months of training and I feel I completely took them with me for the duration of the marathon run and over the finish line. Later when they asked if I’d do an interview with them to perhaps inspire others and give them the firm belief that they too can run a marathon, I was only too happy to be able to do so. It is an honour and a privilege to have been interviewed and I do hope it will truly inspire others to realize their dream of running a marathon.

You can check out the full interview here: