Jimmy the Greeks Frozen 4 Miler Jan. 20, 2013

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For the past few years a group of great friends and I have been running the Jimmy the Greeks Frozen 4 Miler. It’s what I consider to be the start of my new running year. (Pictured left, l-r, top row: me, Angela, aka Lymerunner, miscellaneous moose, Sam K, Joanna C, bottom row: Pat C, Melissa R, Jessica D and Lara F) The thing that sets this race apart from others is the fact that it is 1. a relatively new race, just having it’s 5th anniversary this year 2. its local to me, literally just down the road from where I live 3. it gives me enough time to prepare for my new year of running and 5. Jimmy Albert, the owner of the restaurant that puts on the race, donates all profits to support a fantastic local cause while hosting one of the best after parties of any race I’ve ever participated in (providing a free pizza buffet for all runners and very inexpensive beer!).

For me, though, this year was different for several reasons. After having what I considered to be a very good year of running last year, and as a devoted fan of Brooks (motto, Run Happy), I decided to apply for the Brooks ID (Inspire Daily) program. Brooks were with me every step of my New York City Marathon back in 2010 and they are a brand I have trusted and admired since. Their philosophy fits right in with my approach to running; it’s not so much about competing as it is about camaraderie and inspiring everyone you encounter to give it their best shot. After all, that is what makes one a happy runner. I was fortunate enough to be accepted into the program and started to prepare for this race back in Dec. 2012. Then, what some, including myself, would consider disaster struck; I fell prey to a nasty bout of Plantar Fasciitis under my left heel and had to stop running altogether. How does one inspire others to run when they can’t run themselves?

As I mentioned in the first sentence of this post, great friends and I run this together. (Pictured left, l-r, top row: Lisa L, Tom, me – Angela, aka Lymerunner, Sam K  bottom row: Pat C, Melissa R, Jessica D, Joanna C and Lara F) What I didn’t mention is that these friends come from out of state just to be here, so it’s quite a big deal to us and we take our preparations for the race seriously. How was I going to tell them that I couldn’t actually run?

But here is one thing that Lyme Disease has taught me: just because I can’t do one thing doesn’t mean I have to sit on the sidelines.

In fact, this has become my mantra! So I started to think, could I walk it and if so, could I inspire others who might be newbies to running or others who would also be walking? I was quite sure I could! So a new goal was set; to walk the whole route, to cheer on everyone I encountered, to give encouragement to anyone I passed, to support everyone who turned out and to do my best to finish in under an hour.

All along the route my friend Joanna, who walked beside me step for step, and I cheered on those we passed, encouraged them to keep going, walking along side them at times, motivating  them, and in the end, this turned out to be one of my best events ever! I loved every minute of it and loved being able to make new friends along the way. And the best thing, two of my friends who had already finished came out to see me in, giant thanks to Lara and Allyn!!!! Now I know if I cannot run an event how much fun it can be to walk and cheer!  (Pictured left: me, Allyn G, Lara F and Joanna C)

Never stop believing, and happy running (or walking !!!).