Runner’s World Magazine take on the issue of Lyme Disease

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Angela Coulombe, aka Lymerunner, in Runner's World Magazine, July 2014Back in February of this year (2014) I was surprised to discover an email from Gretchen Voss, a writer for Runner’s World Magazine, in my inbox. She was working on a piece for RW magazine about runners who have Lyme Disease and she wondered if I would mind being interviewed for the article. Since becoming ill with the disease in 2007, and having my health decline to the extent that after 3 months with the disease I was left a near invalid, I’ve made it my mission to do what I can to raise awareness about the disease.

The road to “recovery” has been a long and bumpy road. But I feel that I am more fortunate than most with Lyme and therefore, feel the extra burden of raising awareness about the disease knowing so many who cannot function let alone lead this charge. It is for them I do what I do and for those out there who DON’T have the disease so that they may never get it, never experience how debilitating it can be, how devastating it can be.  Raising awareness about the disease is the key to preventing it and fighting for those who have yet found treatment that will restore their health.

When you’ve reached a point in your life where you think dying is preferable to carrying on in excruciating pain, you know what it is like to have Lyme. I was there seven years ago and I am fortunate and blessed that I recovered to the extent that I can now run marathons. Yet I realize that there are so many out there who are not as fortunate as myself , and I run for them, I advocate for them, I raise awareness for them (together with Amie Levasseur started Lymebuddies –, organize the Jimmy the Greeks Maine Mall 5K for Lyme Disease Awareness and the autumn music festival, Lyme-Aid – well, really Amie does all the work on this one, I just enjoy the great music she puts on!). I cannot thank Runner’s World enough for publishing this article. The day it came out there was so much conversation about it on social media sites that I knew the article achieved it’s purpose and I was only too happy to be a part of it.

However those of us with Lyme chose to raise awareness; local, grass-roots, via media outlets such as TV, magazines, YouTube, or even by running marathons with the disease,  I believe we all share the common goal of preventing others from becoming ill and keeping Lyme in the forefront of peoples minds so that slowly, over time, Lyme will receive the recognition it deserves as being one of the most prevalent and debilitating diseases world wide. Again, can’t thank Runner’s World enough to reaching out to me and sharing my Lyme journey with their readers and beyond.

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