Thank you WCSH6’s 207 for telling the story of “The Big 5 for Lyme”

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Four down, one to go… a quest that started in 2010….

In October 2007 I was diagnosed  with Lyme Disease. After month’s  of being ill, and knowing nothing about the disease, when I got the diagnosis my first word was, “Hallelujah!” I said that because I believed with a positive diagnosis, an Infectious Disease doctor telling me that with 3 weeks of doxycycline I’d be fine, that I would be fine in 3 weeks time. Again, I knew nothing about Lyme… I had all the symptoms and displayed the symptoms 3 months prior to the diagnosis. Again, I knew NOTHING about Lyme Disease and was just ecstatic to think I could / would once again feel like my old self prior!

Three weeks later, I was anything but fine. Unable to turn my head, lift my arms up over my head, lift my legs, dress myself, climb stairs, get in and out of bed unassisted, well… living fell very, very, very short of the sort of miracle I’d been hoping for or was told would happen.

Okay, I won’t go into all the details, but from that moment on, I was somewhat forced to face the disease on my own and figure it out. I was alone in my search for answers and treatments to get better. Angered, frustrated and feeling betrayed by the medical establishment, I was determined to get well. I spent two years in alternative treatment,  thinking about how much I wanted to play with my children (3 and 8 at the time) again, run again, work out again, and wondered if if would ever happen. Then I thought about what would be a great thing to do to help others with Lyme have hope. I thought about recovering enough to run a marathon, something I had never done before and considered to be quite a crazy thing to do (after all, people sometimes end up, well, dying from running marathons, right?!?). But, I had this goal in mind and by golly, I wasn’t going to rest until I at least did what I could to accomplish it, or discovered I was just never going to be physically fit enough to do it. I’m kind of like that; put the word “challenge” out front of almost anything and I can’t resist!

I’ll let WCSH6 tell the rest of the story. Watch the video below, or click here for the details:

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