Spartan up and SAVE – AROO!

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Twitter-Post_880x440_Memorial-DayWhat does it mean to Spartan up? I’ve heard this term over and over again, but didn’t fully get it until a while ago. It’s kind of like my marathon running. I’ve been asked by people, WHY? Why run marathon after marathon. And for me, until I became sick with Lyme Disease, the thought would never had entered my mind. But there comes a point in life where you discover a reason to want to push yourself beyond your comfort level, to achieve a goal that seems impossible, that will test your mental and physical strength, to go beyond your every day norm.

Spartan Up for a Cause

For me, to Spartan Up means to find out what I’m made of. To prove I’m stronger than Lyme Disease. It means to find out how tough I am. It means inspiring others by not giving up, by training harder, by eating better, by involving my family in the challenge. It means achieving new goals. It means becoming a better person by the journey of discovery.

Whatever your reason for wanting to Spartan Up, now is a great time to register for an event because you can SAVE! That’s right, you can SAVE $40.00 by registering before May 27, 2015. Visit and use this code, MEMORIAL!

Let’s do this! Let’s Spartan Up and get ‘er done! AROO!

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